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19 April 1981
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-донецкое художественное училище (графический дизайн)
-киевская национальная академия искусства и архитектуры
(в процессе (станковая графика, четвертый курс, ректорская мастерская А.В. Чебыкина)

Работаю во многих графических техниках (карандаш, акварель, акрил) занимаюсь гравюрой и офортом.
Уверенный пользователь Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator.

Protosenya Ryslan.
Was born in Gorlovka, Ukraine.
Have succesfully finished the Donetsk artistic school at the faculty ofgraphic design (1998-2002).
After that I worked in a design office, but realized that I want to make graphic works.
So I entered in 2004 and successfully graduated as a master of arts at 2010 from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine.

I work in many graphic techniques ( pencil, water-colour, acrylic… ), engaged in engraving and etching. During the last time I work in a complex and rare technique of printing - gumoil.
I am a professional designer, a sure user of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.

I took part in exhibitions in National House of Artists in Kiev ( The “Picturesque Ukraine”) , an exhibition in honour the wellknown Ukrainian artist G.Yakutovich,the winner of the competition "Ukrainian art week" in the nomination "Experimental graphics".Participant of the second International Guanlan Print Exhibition 2009 in China,etc
My works are preserved in private collections of Ukraine, Russia etc.


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Social capital

  • less than 10